Post 6

lunar eclipse

Bear Witness Daddy! [‘daddy’ shouted by one of my boys]

     This is the continuation of my daily muse journal, which is also my spiritual journal, which I started with Issue 4, a journal begun in 2001, though for reasons explained in the introduction found in Pages in the sidebar I’ve begun the postings from it starting on August 15, 2014 and will continue posting weekly roughly three days from it until it seems time to leave off for awhile. Since this is dramatic poetry, a dialogue with multiple speakers, and also a narrative of the daily events of my life as they register on the inside of me, like looking at the world from underwater, reading the introduction and beginning at Issue 4 would greatly aid in understanding the text.

Aug 26-27


“Stop wasting my time
Very bad man.”
Join’ this up
Earth bound:
I have a garden.
No one
Will draw it in a different room.
Careful art.
This is underground.
Why are you crying?
Goodness gracious,
You’re being ignored.
You’re being hung up.
“I pledge allegiance to the flag.
I don’t want to keep you here,
And I’m calling you
Like a racehorse.”
Okay Ferguson,
Wield the weapon
To some entity in Auroville. [send the new poem, What About the Human up in Season?, this time to a new entity, Auroville Arts, only there, not to the other three entities. The full poem can be read in Pages]
I am…
A good question.
“Is he really sick?”
Beat out sparks of heat on the table.
What do you order that?
Is this a press room
Reality sees?
It’s a mimeographed notebook.
It’s several pages at once.
You’re gonna make it
Ye old submission of poetry.
I can’t follow instructions clearly at night:
“Daddy?” [Mugu’s voice]
I edit. [instructions to edit ‘daddy’ out of the poem]
“Who’s the ownership?”
A how do you bend a nation.
Quiet please, quiet on the set.
My friend Winnebago,
Art Starts,
And Bone Crime.
[‘Moon Dipper’ came in to replace ‘Art Stars’, which is to replace daddy, all these corrections are, since I’m to edit out the ‘daddy’ element out of the poem throughout, replace daddy with other names, the corrections coming pell-mell, came as I thought, or willed rather, an edit for the poem so to replace dadd]
I was in a heavy forest moon. [the whole line replaces the name I needed]
Want this turnover:
Quiet hair. [to replace quiet on the set line, a name I needed]
Don’t say sabotage. [for the ‘don’t say sin’ line, the name needed]
In beholder magazine [but please]. [seen as is with brackets, the line to be added after the sin line]
A century’s worth
Armchair mercenary. [both lines name replacements]
What some slack what we most lack. [a line to add]
I’ve heard enough army calling itself fool. [that the negative name replacements are finished]
Man he denies you thrice. [that the initial letter, the last poem, and this one will be ignored]
“You mean this open book gets closed?”
Put her in red.
The British are coming.
Has words too. [that the above lines are for the poem, but I didn’t accept the deny line]
Don’t document it. [a stray thought the muse corrected about a British Yoga magazine that had expressed keen interest in the Pupil poem years back, and I thought that might be who’s coming and thought I might send them a link to issue 3]
That’s a still, tall, voice. [replacement line for a daddy replacement]
Travel lightly some.
I ain’t kidding in my room. [this and above line to add]
The secret of bathing you baby bathing yourself. [line to add]
Don’t shoot,
I’m covering man.
This is the bum policeman who burn after the tag report.
The irony of their unique position. [ these 4 lines to add]
I wanna show you something:
Lion in humor
Donny. [all lines to add, in sequence]
“Well that ain’t nothin’.”
“Maybe this hearing,
Whew, that your dance.”
“I don’t believe it,
Any infinity truth
Dr. Stone.”
“Large voice not there.” [all lines to add except‘Dr Stone’, which is to go elsewhere in the poem]
Aware of the waterfront of ideas
He went deep within
And reached his quest.
“Good to see.”
“That’s just stupid.”
Separate person.
The whole
Welcome back…
“What do you want?” [all lines to add]
What we all know:
Other people have found
And I have found
That the muse “is actually hearing voice.” [all lines to add]
This is how sleep is the movie ghost from the hour. [line to add]
Want to speak with them.
Wouldn’t allow me to. [both lines sung, to add to poem]

Aug 27-28


We got a shade in our house.
You’re alive because of him
He’s the light of the dark.
That’s who oneness can mean.
Hey false Sri Aurobindo,
Guess what.
You’re not gonna believe it.
Along the bridge you are.
Ended up
Half circle.
They’ve got motion detectors
And an orange see.
“How many children?”
A good group came in
Like the sunrise
A federal association.
No one bad speaking
Is the answer.
Arrange it some
And then what?
Out of the room
Aren’t you.
Is anyone out there?
The whole human race
Stand there and judge that poem.
It’s got society’s wings.
To correct it?
I believe swoop is the answer,
A century’s worth.
Don’t Arial pages please. [two meanings: don’t send it now and don’t use Sylvia Plath as a name, something that came as a laer edit that has hence been deleted]
It’s got the water that you wanted
Mr. Atheist. [the replacement name for hers and the above line a suggestion to delete a line from the poem]
More accidentally
Did you stumble last time.
It’s in your grasp
You can change.
Kangaroo rat
After the poem’s completion.
“That’s just stupid.”
You hear an unprecedented strong end of love.
He will share with you. [Larry, who I sent an email to asking for email addresses of journals of the Yoga that I might can submit to. He’s the editor of Collaboration, a semi-literary journal for the Yoga and a person who’s helped me get money a few times and loaned me his lap top to record songs, even though he’s obviously morally offended by me]
“Hey Donny,
Lookin’ for you
More clothes.”
Heads up everyone
Stewy lesson,
What they call a big bar.
He’s got a ticket to ride
And a roof.
He’s the first
Throwin’ out
To reenter the arena.
You hear the go in his voice.
“Can we make him roll over?”
Let me tell you something:
That no one’s voice.”
The pupil will
Give you that deep
Hard work.
“Yeah Listening Fable,
The Mother,
What language?”
How can I take this and run with it?
Just write it down.
I can’t wash infinity.
Is that what they’re lookin’ for?
“He can’t do that,
A read terrible,
And come back and say sisters.”
Trapped infinity sings?
You’re guarding Me, [the Mother saying]
And you leave it
Almost as bad as he did.
“Who drew those,
The boy next door?”
That’s a good question.
In sadhana all day,
Would if God isn’t real?
How many fundamentalists object
To hearing the holy see?
The fundamentalists agree:
Be nice if
God in his moments lived.
You don’t know what it’s like, [sung, by the Bee Gees, from the song To Love Somebody]
And I’m hearin’ a song.
“What is music
Broken down?”
Your favorite.
Talk to the Mother.
Impossible says the reply?
The Big Bad Blog instead of spiritual practice. [vision of this blog title on a the net, all the words in caps]
“You don’t have any spooky word.
You will die tonight.”
The spearhead, no.
“If we got into that house.”
And come here and try to grasp in the human
So I can get off the hook.
“She the lady who deal all this fever doesn’t come?”
I’m in a unique position.
“She’s the most superstitious amount.
Goes right there with those guys.” [vision of some large strange animal-person lying at the bottom the sea, the perspective from the side as an observer, and it was distorted, the people on the surface looking down onto the bottom at the creature only a few meters in depth, but it was the bottom of the sea]
Wana found what I give?
Diamond’s worth.
“Did not.”
How I can beat?
Have no water,
Tie everything,
Fasten down,
Just relax.
People watching out the window,
Don’t give up. [sung by Peter Gabriel, the song Don’t Give UP, the version with Kate Bush]
I don’t know how.
All these people wanna tell you something:
A flower garden,
A wonderful.
You’ve cut me slack.
If a room full of potatoes
Wouldn’t have talked to you about it.
Suppose I have the knowledge?
That might be a better plan,
Your make up. [have to do with an edit for the poem, using the replacement name Listening Fable in the place of Moon Dipper where it’s talking about there’s no one talking to me, it’s my imagination basically, but with the ‘weak’ below it seems to suggest to wait for something better]
I think so.
Get back to work.
A large population at the moment.
Alright everybody,
Let us to say investigated.
“Even if you’re weak
I’m aware
Held a lot of quiet.”
It’s okay
A noise or two.
Don’t give up. [sung as above]
“What do you think,
Think he’s gonna do it?”
I’m in a position of strength.
“I’ll kill you.”
All this One,
We watch it
For now.
Give him a
Nancy Field,
Golden magnet.
His name’s Antonio.
He lives in Italian.
I didn’t know that. [suggestion to send a link to issue 3 to Antonio, a professor of the anthropology of law I proofread for, who’s Italian and lives in Italy, where I’d been getting pages views before posting the issue]
Okay now,
I will do this,
And I will win.
Clearly we’d have to practice.
We’ve got the house.
We’ve got his clothes
I have more clothes.
See you me what the parents will do. [sung]
Five minute only.
Give to Me.
Let’s happy with it.
She’s reading us.
You shared him on purpose.
That’s been goin’ on.
Why bite you?
Makes them look like a fool.
“I found you”
Defend that choice.
Give you clothes too. [most of my clothes are second hand and come from Mugu’s family, what they discard, though sometimes they buy me new ones, and just slip them in with the used ones so I won’t object]
The office,
Figure out a way to make it uncontrollable. [keep anyone from trying to control my office, the writing and posting I do]
I wanna support you,
Right now.”
And you know who you are. [Gwen, my sister?]
A window
What to do?”
I’ll do.
“Is that Sri Aurobindo?”
The Mother [faint vision of the furry head of a large cat looking down over a scene]
Is in charge of the children.
One thing you need:
I could use a wife.
Before you get married:
Oh what you listen to:
Forget our fear –
Listens to his wife.
Somethin’ can be said if you’re only dreamin’: [sung, dreamin’ drawn out, only a little less so]
And I, call my name. [sung also, emphasis on call, which is slightly drawn out]
Don’t give up.

Aug 28-29


He was standing there with his hands behind his back.
Well I don’t think Lucifer didn’t care what you said.
Should be careful –
Things organic,
Especially Mugu,
Put it in the elevator.
“That girl has the hots for you.” [as idea speaking as if to tell Russia Crimea wants her]
“And I saw a restaurant across the street.
I want a star.” [Putin speaking, about Crimea]
Don’t waste your time on gasoline.
“Man you hurt us.”
All the softball goes to you.
That’s digital.
You heard me,
The bravest example.
88 countries,
They’re nervous.
This is about war.
Hey who’s tryin’ to be a good guy?
Former Glory,
Former Kingpin,
“I am a good guy.
I am a kingpin.” [Putin speaking]
The octopus.
You walk and say,
“What’s in here?” [ibid]
You’ll make individual ex-exclusive.
“How did that creep in?” [Russia speaking]
A choice worth:
“I am music.” [Putin speaking]
Go to that
And you’ll shout at him:
“Be quiet.” [world leaders speaking]
This is no district attorney,
And he’ll block any human unity.
It’s a
Combination of
Drugs in field.
You’re not gonna have a whole lot of
Murder –
He the related vision.
Where are you gonna walk home?
Are you gonna walk home?
Struck it by.
“That rules
By the international government?” [general audience speaking]
Here power look at Germany,
What makes it
The real world.
What makes it
Best among refrigerator companies.
The heat that’s mud on you.
“Steve once did I need a tenured professor to take it through?
I take it through.” [Putin speaking]
You are a kingpin.
“So I’ll play with you:
Who’s blew?
I’m sorry,
I can’t imagine…” [ibid, hint he may be responsible for the plane crash]
Don’t give up.
What form that’ll take:
From not bad man.
Some food Monica:
The end of the world
Figure there’s an excuse today.
“So what remain freedom?”
You won’t go give them the humanitarian aid I brought
If I understand that we are a religious entity,
If I understand that we are a spiritual purpose,
If I understand that we are a whole body.
I’m sorry
I mustn’t do that,
Try to tell you how to live your life
And stuff like that.
“Good Goad,
What’s the story room?”
We have got to be more careful
Who we choose as leaders.
Holdin’ hands
With Turkey and his power,
“Somebody stop this man please.”
“Is there anyone
Good ruler-wise?”
I knew it’d have to be some turns
In that room
In humanity.
“Here we go.
We’d have to be negotiating.”
Just blame me. –
Some psychic turn.
You’re in Pondy
I take it?”
Yeah you would.
You’re all deny going to die.
How do you do it,
What the soul inside?
It’s clearly heavy.
Come to soul rule.
That’s an inside job.
That’s human.
I’m not starting off star wars.
I can give you a roof:
Your soul
Will choose
It’s divine
In the first place.
I just tellin’ you.
Not what you’re used to.
I go in mind
Division rules.
Starting to turn Mexico
While I was there,
So lock the door.
What is he eating?”
You try to be in a place
You don’t want a thousand rupees,
You don’t want anything.
See a cow.
See the moon.
They tell you
Strange quiverings of a world delight:
In a corner of God’s house
We have names for God.
Religious in its outer reflection,
Spiritual in its inner search.
It’s okay you eat the banquet.
Kids love it.
If fallen in love,
You just love God.
Are tryin’ to help you.
Don’t go mental.
Behind the heart,
Hid inside,
You have your soul.
Do you need it,
How about that?
The smart hand,
The smart pack:
“I wanted to work with you.”
Really heavy and,
Well hair has messed up you terrible, huh?
Open in religious funds
That any paperboy
Can talk to you honestly
And deliver half of it.
Try this crack:
You round up its act –
The soul is its business to hack.
There I’ve spoken in tongues.
This has run aground
(Because it’s magical),
For some reason,
And I haven’t completely studied it because I.
Well get the milk and put all down on My paper loaded.
“Oh, got your garden from there.”
Who wouldn’t be up there long I just looked.
Who cares to be first? [end of a poem that begins with ‘That girl has the hots for you’ and it too was transcribed directly to Word as a poem, so the formations have been shortened to verses. The title also came later, And the Character is the Happy Ruin]
That quivering note is all over it,
I.e. the bed-stone.
You can see it in your Facebook.
Finding the background
Indian gets out of the way. [In bed listening and Mugu was not being organic, but I got him quiet. All these lines edited out of the poem after ‘The octopus’ line]
In Kuruchikuppam it took off like character.
Three voyages:
We have the flyin’;
“I don’t know who ratted you out;”
Do you have anybody? [these lines edited out after the line ‘What form that’ll take’]
 [The full poem, “And the Character is the Happy Ruin”, can be read in Poems On Government And War]

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