Between Jerusalem I’m Sorry, Epilogue

Me, photo by Nitish

Epilogue in Ideas

Would the Jews inherent the Earth and will Jerusalem be the center of the world? Now it’s time to put two and two together. As I told that Jewish Messiah not-wannabe in King’s Cafeteria, every human being on the planet will be the Messiah, but I’ll add not now, and I’ll have to make exceptions and exemptions, as in any movement Nature undergoes. We are evolving to a higher type, and it will take thousands of years to arrive at our supramental selves manifested here on earth in earthen bodies flexible to forever, but not exactly immortal bodies, give or take thousands of years. So what gives, why even talk about it now? It won’t happen in one sudden go. Many stages have to come to pass before that comes to pass. It’s just time to start taking about it as a world and begin working towards enlightenment and the soul change, as a species and not just as individuals. Low and behold, we have the net now. Get ahold of its horns, did you think only mammon will do that?

We have this tendency, born from being able to hold only one idea in our minds at the same time, to figure too that every human being has the same ultimate goal, and you can say that, as you can just about say anything and capture something of the truth, like Jews are the alphas in Western society, but each soul, one though it is with every other soul and the world soul, has its own destiny in world process, and some may choose to enter Nirvana, some some Heaven of an ideal, for some long sojourn, and some even to become Hostile beings, for however long that happens and however rare that is, if that is actually possible, and the list isn’t exhausted. It’s a soul thing and not some choice ego’s incarnated in a body make. I think, though, we all make it back here. Where is here? That’s the point, isn’t it?

The Jews have had a lot to do with the necessity of moving humanity into or at least closer to an individuality more centered on its own fulfillment than on the group’s and not only more focused on the outer world but almost exclusively so. That Jews perhaps have the strongest group identity on the planet gives this its go. It was an extreme necessary in order to move back to a balance, because the opposite extreme was in play, no real individuality to speak of and an outer world sitting there almost exclusively on the superstitions of the inner. Jews will not have a lot to do, or not more than any other people, with the necessity of moving on from the extreme of the industrialized world back into an equal inner world focus and group focus, albeit now as individuals, neither more important than the group nor less, and the same can be said about the inner and outer world emphasis—the actual arrangement each circumstantial need would determine. See the flexibility?

Underneath it all, in all this talk of world process and this, that, and the other, I’m trying to show something we’re really not allowed to see, not because it’s openly prohibited; it’s taboo. People are scared of it. When you start messing with it we scream. It’s changing the ideas of gender; it’s changing the ideas of marriage; it’s changing the ideas of sex; it’s changing the ideas of correct behavior; it’s changing the ideas of correcting behavior; it’s changing how we make babies and raise kids, how we make human beings. You see the terms of man? Now, if you want to change the world, change those, like not just one, all of them.

You can protest all you want, block traffic, throw mashed potatoes at famous works of art, but until you get down into those terms with a better way of doing it, you won’t get far in bringing change (I think Mao Zedong and the Chinese have provided the perfect example of how not to do it and the things not to mess with). The Jews as a people have been a catalyst to change those terms in the distant past, albeit unawares, speaking of them as a leaven, with their more individualistic terms of man more centered on the outer world, to help to bring about our modern, industrialized world. Now, however, it’s a conscious decision we make as a world, to change those terms for the better, for a better world, all the peoples of the world, and it’s going to take a long time for us to be convinced of that all over the globe. Now, we’ll fight it, but that’s all part of the change.

The New Jerusalem will be Pondicherry, India. You know I’m joking, but there is some truth to the thing, or the idea couldn’t exist (Auroville is in circles; we need many Aurovilles). That’s where it happened, the idea of Supermind opened out onto the Earth. You’re not getting the idea. I don’t think you yet understand the difference between Supermind and Overmind, the latter where all our ideas and ideals of God come from, and consequently the form and formation of human civilization, in a manner of speaking, because Overmind is a filter for the supramental, and all things of Mind are a reflection of Supermind. In other words, although we haven’t had the idea of Supermind itself in any popular notion until recently, we’ve had many of the ideas of its way of change and doing things about us probably since the start of our history, carried by one person or another, and I think in ancient times, more individuals and their circle carried them than now. It’s simply the holistic way of doing things, what I’ve been showing the length of this book.

A mind open to the infinite,
a larger sky,
that’s what I’m courtin’ here
and all the fish that entails.
Read the history of the world’s cover up in Vietnam
to discern the feeling in democracy,
and its skipped over.
To get the hell outta there.
Throughout history,
where the kids are.

You know what she said?
Today’s and tomorrow’s the radiation in the eardrum.
That means I’m not listened to.
You know, I’ve been rejected,
by the whole planet.
And he likes a lot of people.

The ant’s showing his instructions—
300, 200…
Know how to be an idiot.
How well would you handle her?
Her name Donny.
I understand captain.
Everybody’s pullin’ on ‘im.
I’m not gonna go back and celebrate
book published.
I’ve got voting in just a minute:
plain clothes with the screeching
of “I don’t like adult things!”

Original Ganesh,
woodcutter is here.
Firecracker will come. [three lines spoken in the ending of a dream]
The Gods need us
to be there for them.
Some incoming,
they are our soldiers on the line.
They have every element,
and that’s not the half of it.
They’re our friends.
We need them to stay close.
They help us along.
It’s not that we overcome them.
We outgrow the worship of their form.

We still love them.
We’re going to Supermind.
Okay there’s a gap here,
but it’s not that we reject them.
They are just not our aim.
I think you’re hearing them speak.
We get along.
I’m open to every House, you know?
I’m a gatekeeper for them.
I’m not always who they wanna talk to.
Fine, I’ll come on a rocket ship.

I will just keep coming.
This is what a seer does.
He wouldn’t count listeners.
I care about you but what can I do?
I’ve certainly spoken much.
Oh here we go again counting tables.
What do I do with word?
I just keep going.

I’m singing for you.
That’s his belly.
He’s really into you.
Got it.
We’ll just keep taking notes.
One day we’ll say, “Hey! Look over here!”
And that’s got it.

That’s the fix.
I have humanity’s pants down and I’m counting.
I’m upstairs,
where you see the world from Mind.
You don’t see me.
Oh my gosh we put so much stock in ourselves,
have to be the center of that looking.

Don’t worry about it.
Mr. River,
what a beautiful piece of property,
this copyrighted book,
1983 is it?
2022 and counting.
There’s a version
you wanna put somewhere safe.
Interlopers will get ahold of it
and people that delete text.

I don’t think you know the value of sky thinking.
It shifts though process
on a bigger than group level,
and some people don’t want their ideas overturned,
and this person wants his ideas to the crowd.
They’ll change it,
if this book gets to the press,
and we need a copy to show them that’s not true
they got it wrong.
I’ve written in speak easy terms,
and it’s got so many ways of sayin’ it.
Everybody would disagree with it
on some level of its pages.

Now get in your voice,
Mr. Way-With-Words,
think about some improvement,
where you are a better word,
you get better at it,
your powerful mantric voice,
and actually change the world.
Bye bye.

We’ve given prayers like this Western
in an interview
the net’s been given me since I began.
It’s in many places online.
It’s round there somewhere.
It’s here right now,
and I’ve got the stuff for it,
the world.
And I had to go and just lock him in here but
the exercise room’s here.
Have a good one.

My fucking God!
this is a strange house.
You’re really on fire.
I’ll delete you if you come any closer to me.
He’s adorable,
thinks I’m the Supermind.
I’m not the Supermind.
I’m a Heaven giving out its word,
a higher Overmind
open to the public.
There’s all harmony up there.

I’m tryin’ to do something here.
We have a sense of good.
We can feel it in our very bones.
It’s not the man-animal good.
It’s not based on law and punishment.
It’s got a whole other change ahead.
You’re hearin’ its worth.
You’re hearin’ it loud and clear.
You won’t know what to do with it,
but here it is.
It’s yours.

Many people don’t know how to say goodbye;
is that what this is?
I come in peace,
and that’s all she wrote folks.

I genuize human word,
and smack!
it’s on your lunch counter.
I’ve fashioned your word.
I spawned it through Pondy,
and here we go.
Let’s look out to the sky.

Where is that phone?
Where is the bike?
Almost it’s expensive work to do.
No problem on our arrangement of things.
I am not overcome by the world.
It’s great, isn’ it?
Feelin’ of ‘im,
talkin’ with ‘im,
guru swami,
and that rocks.

On the pound board,
I’m supposed to say this;
you’re supposed to say that.
Weren’t you guys listening?
We let this book go in Pondicherry,
still very much segregated—
the conditions of this book.

Are the publishers to admit
there might be a superior way of doing things?
Have I said it all?
Do I leave anything out?
I’ll leave it here on top of the refrigerator.
Somebody’s bound to come along
and put it in their reading list.

We didn’t finish.
You, got a dress on.
That’s just hot material.
Can I interest you in some change the world?

We need to look at this arrangement
a reader has in his hat.
Hi Bruno,
are Monday after August?
You dirt digger,
don’t pull down my pants.
That’s the formula to change the world.
You got a problem with that?

Make the sex lives scandal,
one of your favorites.
You’re not gonna get away with it this time, buddy.
I’m gonna hit that muffler
in the nuts.
Sorry not sorry.

The voices talking somewhere in the house, late spring,
and you're drifting off to sleep with your teeth in your mouth.
You are here with me.
You are here with me.
You have been here and you are everything. [verse heard sung by R.E.M., “You Are the Everything”]

Right action,
we need Auroville.
I don’t know how to tell you this:
stuck up.
It’s not the ideal city,
with or without who’s in charge.
The Indian government
needs completely out of there,
and that’s the ball
that determines world change
in our hands right now.
A microcosm of the whole
put in world terms,
can you see this?
Please do.

No light went out.
We’re still here.
We’ve got a world to change.
I’m lookin’ forward to yah swami.
That’s King Caliber,
the needed change right now,
a better caliber of people
involved in skyline,
a better herd,
really into one another
for the benefit of all.
We need to say we’re sorry
for just kicking people around.
Judgmental and mean
we look at the world today.
I’m sorry that’s bad.
A better caliber of motion picture
would certainly help.
All the media,
being nicer to each other,
why don’t you guys come up with that?

I’m a fool on TV,
and that’s the statement in the room
you will judge me with.
Read the book and tell me how big a fool I am.
It’s dangerous, isn’ it?
to the hemmed in TV,
to the world brought out in paper money.
They laugh.
What were they to do,
be heroes with me?
Life is not a box of chocolates.
It’s a field of endeavor
aimed at you.

Post office,
can you give this a world book list?
I don’t think you saw it on the first page.
We’ve got to get this show on the road.
We need to gird up our loins
and begin monumental change.

I’m working on that progress right now
in how I turn you my own teeth,
in my daily life and routine.
That’s my measure book.
You can’t get home without it.
And I’ve said enough.

That’s the limit on hearing,
how far we need to go
to hear my voice.
It’s acrobatic wheels.
I’m right there behind yah
about to say boo.

And that’s the in on.
I think the terrace would like this atmosphere,
Who have you been writin’?
With your believin’
you need to go to bed
and pregnant voices some.
All manner of God is there.
You wanna be in the arms of God,
lookin’ at the world through those eyes.
Now there’s a world we can work with.
Will you accept my apologies?
Thank you world I’m done.

Just to get you to first base
is hard enough
in the world we live in.
Well you’re on first base
all of a sudden.
Put a candle in that room.
I am here.
Look I am not joking.
I’m waltzing in with the military,
sooner or later.
You hear me George?

Come here I wanna talk to you about something.
You came here to pick me up
or tell me I’ve sinned?
Please be a good report card
on your own progress through life.
Can you be good to people?
That’s why I sent you Rottweiler,
‘cause you learn how to
not just look at Rottweiler and think bite.
The kisses mine gives me believe in goodness and light,
and they’re really there.
Now go read me
a Rottweiler’s love.

The first puppy we’ll have to listen to is this one:
the bad puppy.
They need more attention than anybody on this earth
that are big.
If you can see that,
you’re ready to help humanity,
Rottweiler and all.

We agree
it’s time to help.
You think you accuse people and that brings change,
like it keeps people from fucking up.
Where did you get your humanity,
from street dogs?
Can you see reality?
There we are one.
How did we get here?
see down behind movies,
see us all there free.

That is a controlled demolition.
I think you’ve said the book.
We rose water.
We’ve got a big change ahead.
That smarts.
And we’re on our way,
and that’s it
I’m done.
Douglas and I, photo by Nitish

Edited by Douglas Mcelheny

The End

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