Movie Review Poems

Don’t Tell Me

(a poem review of the film Exit Through the Gift Shop)

He made his own camera
Rendering a donut.
“Everybody get together.
I’ll fight
Art movement,
Art villain.
With me,
Or do you corporate out?”
Stealing it,
An art item —
Monkeys around art,
A gift shop motif,
A lowdown.

A Visitor Toward the End of the Movie

(a poem review of the film Waking Life)

“There’s this dummy.”
“But you never peeled out truth out of it?”
“I think it’s stupid.”
“It’s the greatest thing.”

Hey guys,
Chinese food,
Cut it out.
Want some real McCoy?

He Spits His Gem Here in This Valley –
The Incongruousness of Poetry

(a poem review of the South Korean film Poetry.  Written to first send to Poetry Magazine, and I only mention this so the nuances of the title might be better appreciated.)

Poetry society views wrong.
How about that?
Hassle with it
Like a bamboo splinter in mud.
Really like that.
“Lemmie at ‘im.”
What are you doing?
“That’s your punishment
I’ll engineer society that way –
Call the police.”
“What I’d do:
Hide your blood pressure.”
The trampled apricot and her fallout.
What’s you recognize?
“Whadda you do?”
I’ll have to admit
Speaking out of turn.

No speeches.
Somethin’ I heard.
I wouldn’t give an apple a war song.
My hide becomes seek.
Now who built this habitat?
The splendor of a rose.
Film for you
The pink flowered lady.
Why have we lost the neighborhood?
“Life before me
Wasn’t rose in my super heart.
He didn’t know.”

What’s this?
“Of course I’d forgotten
To show you
Not what you’ve done
But the original
The hard drive
Back to life.”
You try one game
And you speak to our agent.
You get an operation

Maybe Now

(a poem review of the film Anonymous)

I hardly explain the doors
You see we’re engaged in.
I shudder to think
No my lord.
Wield captain
You know

On the count of three
They let him,
The new earl
And his bank rank.
You can’t reach them
By Winfield
Or Snyder

To get in
You listen.
You hold the music.
You must follow –
Son of a bitch –
(You know it,
Come on)

Looks Even Grimmer

(a poem review of the film We Need to Talk About Kevin)

She saw me lookin’ at ‘er.
She gave it a son.
I’m saving a life.
You call it stupid.
The eye of change,
I start baby.
I learned it in a Vietnam.
I’ve done some damage.
That’s the menu.
Nobody’s exempt
From receiving empathy.
“I’m gettin’ outta here.”
That’s the immaculate Nazi hunter.

“We’ve had enough of humans right now.”
I’m talkin’ to you.
“Is this medicated?”
Talkin’ to him,
Like a growing monster
In your opinion.
“Whadda we do?”
“Usin’ our heads
Not our hearts
Cull the kid.
That’s important
They get identified.”

I’m just
Kinda absolutely
Talkin’ about
The filmmaker’s son.
Do movies impregnate?
At least it’s understood
We’re dealin’ with inhuman beings.
Makes them easier to kill.
Kill ‘im Carl.”
If you say so
At the movies.

Have Uncovered Justice

(poem review of the film The Act of Killing)

All laid bare by boundless sight.
More than anything else,
You’re a doctor.
Colleges sit what you’re sayin’ –
“I don’t talk to you.”
Shows it’s emergency.
When it’s difficult
Leave your foot in water.
Bodies in there bound.
Nobody’s gotten away.

“Where is the terminão?”
Just wait.
You can go that way,
That fill up:
Goddamn they pay.
“How many places they got here?”
What does owe about it tell?

“What do you mean?”
Start some good work,
“I’m trapped;
I begin to feel it.”
(What is his name,
Identity card
Your source of emergency,
The bringer of justice.

What do you mean nothin’?
They will fit the pair of shoes
They wear on punishment.
I might tell ‘er:
See you can’t
Escort a cop?
Punishment’s all intoxicating.
It loses reality at the front door.
One more time:
Pain it,
No it doesn’t,
Put empathy in your heart,

The bad man don’t matter,
That’s the attitude.
It was such a hidden mistake
Now we’re seein’
The killer in touch with his empathy.
Listen teachers this is what they’re talkin’ about so much.

Just showed it to ‘im
Wait a minute,
My orders were up front:
There’s this bad guy…”
Relatively new
Letting him speak.
Girl for surgery arrived.
You, didn’t let ‘er on the sofa.

“If they’re sorry I wanna know.
How long I’ve waited to hear that.”
It grew.
They live inside me
At peace.”
Put forth:
“I’m gonna pay for this,
Without a law arrangin’.”

I’m not scoldin’ you.
I’m not playin’ with you.
That good are dangerous.

Did you see my poetry site?
Watch it A,B,C,D,E
On the net.
Use a parachute.
I’m an actor.
“You sure got a big nose.”
You ain’t seen nothin’;
See my heart.
May I see yours?

I Have an Appointment

(a poem review of the film This Must be the Place)

Saw his bandage,
Rich husband.
“And why can’t we kill ‘im?”
It’s driven me nuts —
Everybody got a story.
Write a sentence.
Write that
A horse of a different saddle.
It’ll come to us.
Where did we leave it?
Did we let the idea down or not?”
No, we left him naked in the snow.
It got away from us.
May I sit down?
This must be the place.
Right a left turn,
That’s mine,
A proposal.
It’s peace that sent me.

We’ll Start Givin’ the Fuzz

(a poem review of the film The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

As stupidly heartfelt as it is rarely admiring.
Goes to great lengths to convince you
It’s real.
“Does the boy border on the bathroom?”
He has his business there.
Controls him.
Use the bathroom
The film
Like we are taken to a party
Hopscotch on knees.

“Ignore ‘im.
Couldn’t find the house
He was talkin’ about.”
Let me say one thing.
Book club,
Like absolutely
The book critic.
“I can’t help it if
Put the gay on patrol.
That’s my politics –
Believe that do yah,
Gays are made in wonderland,
A gay just comes down the pike,
Homosexuality just befalls one?

“I ate the apple,
Just a squeeze on light beer.
I do have me wonderin’
If I cherished his cookie
That little boy of mine,
Past three,
Not quite six.”
His homework.
“Is that men love?”

We’re on time.
Your birthday
Not use the bathroom.
Table bathroom
You got your ticket
Do some homework
On reality pumpkin.
“I’m afraid not.”
“How bad is it?”
The answer’s “I’m allergic.”
Say something
Very different.

You have to find it yourself.
“Would you do it for me?”
Cause you’re jumpin’ out of a plane.
You are the plane.

Spiritual Will
Had Its Will

(a poem review of the film Life of Pi)

Richard Parker,
He’s the lineman.
Hey I need you.
You’re somethin’
Rock the boat,
A little patrol of safety
From the most dangerous thing of all,
What keep me on my toes
Till the morning come.
Put ‘im beside your bed.
You grow strength that way.

“Never a release from the tiger.”
I’m not lyin’.
Among other things
You show it rules to obey
It will learn them.
Boy mustn’t get too carried away.
The moment of mastery has arrived.
A friendship now it knows you.
Take him to salt.
He’s your challenger no more.
It’s your moment past him.
Something bigger,
Bigger than life even,
Is your next movie.
Can’t a cheetah do it,
Make on earth reveal God.

Richard Parker,
Thank you Richard Parker.
“I must’ve been asleep.”
This symbolism gown,
This gonna cost yah.
You make them wear veils
What you’d reach for wrong.
I skipped a generation,
Let it come in for school.
After a good many trials and tribulations
I reached my way North.

Now what did Life of Pi
Have to teach us?
You know,
I wanna tell you somethin’.
You thought you just winked right out of there.
For oneness to occur
How many miles of road
With their temple
The comic consciousness.

The Spotted Altar Players

(a poem review and contrast of the films Hard Candy and Badland)

What would you do if a king
Perverted the underground
In choices of the underground?
“I can’t tell yet;
We don’t have a picture of this:
The subconscious rendezvous with art.”
Let’s let it in?
“I don’t think we have a choice.”
Findin’ me a home.
To voice a work of art:
“People will look at me.
People will hear.”
Another one
Calling for a mass grave exit.
“Is this suicide?”
Spinnin’ the wheels.
Mention a name,
Hard Gum,
And we’d mention Candy.
Affordable art.

Two varieties of art:
What tries to be,
What is.
Contemporary notions
Round the first.
Every age.
We’re not unique here.
“What would get you in the ballpark?”
Can’t say I drew that.
I just drew that.
Fine pencil.
Now let’s look at contrived,
Mentioning the movie,
A big grab picture,
Tasteless seams,
Bridgeless ends.
Art not.

Pick the other girl’s friend.
Shows you some Badland.
We got here in time.
The movie goes on,
Something more than just a show.
Good movie.
The right image:
A round balance,
A terrible toss and turn on evil
Turns out good.
It get put
— Make an amount for me
Directional use —
In the subconscious.
Might gonna get work
We’d come round to identify
Lock, stock, and barrel.
“Then whadda we do?”
I’d think of a child.
I have one here.
I turn to that child:
Can I ask you a question?
Are there consequences?
“Now you’re gonna learn to fix your own plate.”

Art better my friend,
Cause we’re talkin’
The language here:
More help
Gonna see outta your face
Than if I smashed it in.
Deliver it,
A privilege of meeting people.
This device can move faster
Quite sure.
Thought measures hope here.
To wise at play of girls
To be able to get before
The general
We can cross minds.
Come politics.
A reaction
I get outta them.
Can you outfit this,
Give it room to grow?
Girl take her to her laundry.
“I don’t understand,
You’re gonna get published?”
Not this time in America.
Along the banks of the Ganges
Another time.
I think it to

“Your book,
How is innocent?”
A filler of reason
Your soul eyes.
The soul
The future gives.
“Ok fine.”
Small man here?
Mind if I butt in?
Yes certainly.
Can you end the poem now?
“What is that?”
My soul and me
“I should’ve noticed that.
I was afraid you’d say God.
Now I don’t have any trouble with it.”
I’m speaking big,
Right along the submit.
We’ll get to that later.
Human rights, an overview:
God you can grow up.
Now let me
Cook something:
What did you do?

Ip Man
What Hide Are You?

(a poem review of the Chinese Ip Man films)

Turn it down.
Takin’ off.
Works just fine.
I know the magic.
I know the focus.
A bomb,
A saturated missile:
Human Roger
All wet.
“What’s it gonna be?
You really need to say more.”

How about some China in your worldview? –
Like masters of the universe.
“What happened?”
It’s the same old story.
A culture
Gathers some rise
A hand-me-down
Takes over:
“We are so big and strong.”
Keep building
Grow this peanut
Show who’s bigger
The human element.

I come to buy land
In the humanity we all are,
Love it too.

Valley of Wolves,
I Can Turn Here

(a poem review of the Turkish film Iraq, Valley of the Wolves)

Training pictures to be hornets,
Harm and misunderstanding.
Unity is not recognized.
Distances are terrorized.
“My hero.”
It has a role:
You mustn’t,
Just for a moment,
Let the ego
Be shown for what it is –
A hood over the soul.
Let shake honor.
That’s where you find ‘im,
Clear the monkey out.
Allah waters his horses
Where a man has humbled his heart.

Dumbass (Explicit Lyrics)

When you’re ready to strike, he mumbles about non-violence.
When you pinch his ear, he says it’s no cure for diarrhea.
You say you’re a mother-fucker, he claims he’s invincible.
You say you’re a mother-fucker, he claims he’s invincible.
Fuck forgiveness, tolerance be damned, to hell with manners, the low-life’s invincible.
Fuck forgiveness, tolerance be damned, to hell with manners, the low-life’s invincible.
Oh dumbass, oh such dumbass! Oh dumbass, oh such dumbass!
Oh dumbass, oh such dumbass! Oh dumbass, oh such dumbass!
Lalalalala, lalalalala Lalalalala, lalalalala
Lalalalala, lalalalala Lalalalala, lalalalala

Stand on the frontline like a dumbass, in a country that puts out like a hooker.
The field’s full of fuckers, dumbasses are everywhere.
The field’s full of fuckers, dumbasses are everywhere.
Fuck forgiveness, tolerance be damned, to hell with manners, the low-life’s invincible.
You say you’re a mother-fucker, he claims he’s invincible.
You say you’re a mother-fucker, he claims he’s invincible.
The field is full of fuckers, dumbasses are everywhere.
The field’s full of fuckers, dumbasses are everywhere.

Talk of the Town

(a poem review of the work of the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei left as a comment on YouTube after his Dumbass (Explicit) video)

Nobody’s textbook.
“I’m pretty.”
Yeah, pinky.
I’m sorry it’s done.
Talk about the sensation later.
Nobody’s strength.
Customer’s assistance.
I’m sorry
You failed me
–“Hi parent”–
Your job as a customer.
No quiet man
Leads his country,
Change the system.
“From top to bottom eh?”
A simple soul solution:
The inner revolution
A billion Chinese.

Vivian Everybody

(a poem review of the work of the street photographer Vivian Myer, not a movie, but you get the picture)

Is only in this bus stop for a grand tour
Check out memory’s details,
Throw glass on the mirror.
Are you surprised a plebian?
She didn’t wasted moments.
We get her skyline,
That cheese on children,
What wonderful black detail.
Any you smile rose.

This is the perfect camera,
How big and small.
What nature behind her photograph.
Mirrors make you blind?
She studied art
In the halls of Montezuma.
Social creep in.
What would the cop say?

Now Fame,
What damage while she’s alive.
This is her predicament,
And we’re just pilfering.
Can you say grace?
How dare you say copyright.


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