Poems on Government and War

Lunar Libration by Tomruen/Wikimedia Commons

Lunar Libration by Tomruen/Wikimedia Commons

In the Cutting Edge of Battle
A State of Emergency
(Israel, Russia, Should We Leave at Dawn?)

Writin’ on the border
Read somethin’.
Like a bridge
This makes troubled waters.
Live together like brothers
We have to have it.
What’d you know?
We came online.

You’ve got a lot of colors giving orders to an Orthodox Jew.
I’m gonna pop this thing,
Fly well,
Fly weapon,
Here in tani
On the bed of enlightenment.

The cheapest flower
David Double-Grain.
Skip the mountain,
Go directly to enlightenment,
He that happens to be.

Let’s not knock Israeli’s ears.
The lemon bites the window,
So there on their suffering
Would you play golf?

Gonna pay a penitence
With man with the stick emergency.
A new chapter writing down of the old hangman.

Generals to kill ‘im?
Shut up,
It was not mistaken I was born.
Lessin’ might help
Hangman’s policies,
Who could judge?

Stately 2nd alligator.
The cry wolf,
He’s the armor
To toss anybody out,

Push his hat off,
Hat on
Right ability.
You were chosen
We all are.

Be here for nothin’?
I’m gonna attack your witness.
You might sit down.
I call your name now
And say this with confidence:
That’s a lot of sacrifice
To parents who have lost their children,
Lost the ticket.

To go where?
Hope puttinggether.
And bless you from far away
You act the sacrifice.
It’s gonna make small rule,
You know what I mean –
The kind of leader
Humble and great.
Would you do the honors?

Crowds of people throng the streets
Trying to
What to sit for,
The remaining to report.
Vice reality,
Did we?

You don’t say;
What’s me this open?
Anyway you read some scroll.
Got a thrill there?
It was my thrill.
Open to change the door?
Change the doorknob.

Computer alert:
The frontline we’re talking here,
The whole
Bag of noodles.

Mated morning with springtime,
And oh yeah there’s Night.
Well you should know.
I’m your brother.
He mixes it with ordinary
Gonna have peace on earth,
Brother all night long.

The Sleep © Vincent Castiglia / Wikimedia Commons

The Sleep © Vincent Castiglia / Wikimedia Commons

Next Congregation

What they’re invagining is programmed speech,
For anybody,
Like a scrambled soup.
Yes folds
In secrecy.
What about Joe’s skit?
It would just shut up.
I warn you.

In blaming everybody.
They trust systems –
The FNC.
Couple of hours
This madness.
Programmed speech,
Oh oh.

Listen to the newspaper.
Makes yah
Feel guilty.
Gotta have some,
Whatever it is you’re sellin’.

I wanna congratulate yah.
So necessary.
And you,
Way of thinking:
You were all pissed off.

I was at my email.
Write things up
Beside me.
People’ll do it –
From the good guys Ozland and the bad guys.
Damn you Romeo all the time.
They pay for this.
Built a computer

Which era?
How could you do this to me?
I’ve got so much to live for –
A today’s kid.

Yah hear the hospital?
Not a question.
In the Vuzule
We wouldn’t get ticked off.
Appreciate Amsterdam
With its underground pubs.
You can’t smoke in your bedroom.

I’m gone.
I have a word with you
We discussed this:
Like a zombie
All the world’s fare.

Big one
The divines of sleep.
Must be the weapons.
But how do we get back to it?
Voice is still early,
That movie,
A Challenger
Rock the Boat,
The seer’s voice.

Yeah I’m the make here on the bank,
That’s me.
Thank you for restructuring society.
Put on my gaming face –
What do you know?

Thank you,
A word with you,
A million people calm down,
Seeing the forest burning.
Doesn’t matter who you are –
Personality all detached.

I had a nightmare:
Chemical bargain
Divide the whole
How is your 7?
Very talented,
You’re comin’ out
On the other side
It’s a travel vote.

I’m tellin’ yah
It’s sinister
The whole damn center of things.
As you are
Not gonna be very respectful
I offer
An observatory status.
How much
Hit a camera with it.

The world was watching a movie:
The Earth
Is Equivalent to
Better Get Some Sleep.
And we’re here regularly,
Not just the Department of Ignorance.

You come awake in your bedroom
In the realm of sleep.
The guy’s got a plan:
Midair collision,
Knock, knock.
Touch you with seer-wisdom:
Everywhere you look you see dawn.
Let’s get up.

The moment has arrived.
Be careful,
A lot remains
To be seen.
Your choice should be free
So come take tomorrow.

Saturno Devorando a su Hijo by Francisco de Goya

Saturno Devorando a su Hijo by Francisco de Goya

Would if They Turned it Upside Down For You to Play?
(I’m Hearin’ Korea Take Shape)

Peace on earth
Way clear.
Leave it open.
These people don’t even wear video shoes.
Is that Spectral Joe?
Unless you like fascism.

Where is all the crash at?
I’m not showin’ a North Korea
Wear this smile.
Life intention
U.S. babies.
The love of a mysticism.
Going to be vegetables
Once the truth gets out:
Union reels.

She’s locked out.
Got a monster in the house.
Talk to me please.
What was….
Oh you poor thing.
She’s suffering.
Look at relatives.
Look at house permission.

Would he join?
A fascist dictatorship,
He’d have to 1st change his bike up,
Be more a friend.

What are you lookin’ for?
Say we have a murder.
There’s more of them.
Rat people over it.
Does he forgive
Just taking
And here’s what he’d say.
Be a cloud be in there
Back then.

The hit was supposed to be a ball of flame,
You giving the world its water
Slap around.
You’re with Nori
And with me.
Hey listen,
We need people,
Even if we kill ‘em.
Under there
We’re connected.
I’ll be at arms length.
I won’t surround you.

At Arkansas,
At South Africa,
Watch all this.
Look at that!
We gonna firestorm people
Important for yah,
Somethin’ that makes the freeways,
Everybody around you.
Human fate,
A little effort
Path unlimited.

Excuse me sir,
Was you a prodigy?
You don’t go home and look like one.
That’s very too ordinary
The way you’re all chalked up.
Friend can help
And only that.
We meet in the bathroom
Let go of me!
Pretty cool guy,
Doesn’t know the difference between a laughing
And a historia?

So finally,
You want greatness?
You wanna be broad now?
Song could be like
The Germans their out and about
– Eco management,
Peace giving,
Heroes –
Unification drew the lines.

A courageous leader
Doesn’t stick to policies.
It’s only fair behind it:
That was a good game.
Blight and famine reek thy land.
You’ve not been a
Copy father?

That was damage to his rooms.
Under sea sweeps Simon’s part,
And we’re left with your bottle,
Decisions not rational judgment.
They burn you through mercy
To every bit at stake now.

For a moment,
For a single moment,
There was that energy.
A great man grabs the works.
The right kind of leader
Opens this fountain.
Even though he talks about it all the time,
The wind says the angels are restoring him.

A Friday afternoon at the park
We do it honorably,
Say okay here’s North Korea;
Turn us around yours
For a unified Korea.

That’s where he wants to take me
So that all will be well with science.
Look at that beautiful sunset.
Come on,
Give all your power
Let’s greatly amplify this:
It doesn’t make any difference when you’re crossing the border.

You are checking answer.
For this to work some push me out.
A true place
Look at years before Jupiter.
I will say,
You’ll need to take a bath
And gee will T
The emergency:
Dogs not called out.
Iron professional war
Get this:
That Korean heartbeat.
How do you
Put your name on it?
I came up the hill shouting your name,
Oh Korea.

Someone is shouting at me.
Keep it open.
The sun is okay.
Come into some awesome countries
And leave them out.
I thought they interviewed more than a couple.
They made a couple
That will hold.
The Eiffel Tower’s not in my window.
Go daddy,
Just get across the border.

But the school children,
Venerate their father,
The grand leader.
That’s their education –
I will take conditioning
And make it work.

And do you think you know what energy is?
Up by the police
You’ll find it:
Say anything bad about me,
I’ll give you horror story.
It’s not gonna be a complicated day:
Communion, cops, they’re all around us.
Carry away come on let’s go.
This was where I was headed.
Nobody owns a big ranch
And gives it to the Agriculture Department.
We’re communists.
My God look at you,
Can you?

Oh we don’t want Samson.
Some blindness in Israel studies that one.
Yourself just overcome
Like the girl walking
Korea –
I’m gonna fix it,
Lemmie just cross the border,
And fear said no way.
That’s self-exceeding,
That’s hero.

Look at through the lens
Got a gate open:
What a little presence
Armed forces Americana.
For me?
Korean peace process.
Now the world is better off,
Make me another one.
A friend they come in,
A friend of the world.

Redress in 10 minutes.
I needed to snuck up on things.
I would’ve stole it otherwise.
Foundin’ it on you,
That on you,
We don’t know with freedom.

I will tell you all our fears –
The Atomic Review.
What’s review purpose?
Big state TV.
What’d you know,
The horse is not afraid.
You should’ve told me you had that,
A haul all airplane.
Up, up, up we gotta go.

Wait a minute,
Open the end of the gate.
Thought I’m giving you money.
No, I gave you,
And it didn’t work.
See the man the dynasty
Downs there.
Of course it didn’t work.
You just write it
That’s all ears.



Goin’ in and Holdin’ Him Right There,
In a Bridge House
(Skip the Clash Iran You’re Not in Kansas Anymore)

Iran doesn’t trust Preethi’s Magazine,
Big stone’s brother.
How do you spell the speech?
Buffalo Soldier.
You do miss out.

Yeah you do,
I can barely make out anything.
Doctor Moon,
Let me just doctor the moon.
I will sharpen my handouts
When telling people that.

Here’s what you do:
Don’t settle for ordinary;
It’s in the class
I’m gonna take over:
God – not – numbered.

Hey, hey,
Trying to.
It’s in the bathroom
For all you look.
Doesn’t matter.
Calculate a storm
Don’t just sit there lookin’ pretty.
Add something to it.

What about you?
The direct line to action
South American.
Hey they’re communists.
No they’re not;
Where is their
Art leverage,
It’s unsung
Towards your streets and café.

I took the Man down
Controlling population control,
Caught ‘im in my sights.
Delete all this.
You gotta understand
You don’t hand me the couch
And me the winner.

Spook horses
In the net
That doesn’t value window
Of every nation on earth.
Gettin’ excited
About the medicine:
Have that,
A world talkin’.
I don’t slap you daddy.
What did I tell you?

Is that a bomb over there?
Hard nature,
Discuss it before you do it,
No – sudden – wall.
She freaked on the bed.
The answer is no
Our engineers
Lookin’ for survival.

Break before that actually,
As well as it has,
As well as it leaks.
I can deliver
24 hour window.

Who answers it?
I’m gonna score
Making my enemies grow bigger.
I’m not growing in the night.

Had they done their thing,
Could have.
I think Islam is better off
Without dealers.
Sublime means
Daily muse.
Wouldn’t want you to figure it out
Too quickly.

Where’s the terrorist?
A parade for
That hates outsiders.
Understand locked up
Iran open.

What long day in history
I wanna hear you live?
Talk to me.
We join
The have it on the table
With if you could see me
I love you.

One undoubtedly,
One limitation,
That’s my marriage,
Too strong for this:
Time will be in West Virginia.
Global warming up
Or rocket science
It’s not.

Gimmie your father,
The key to your rooms.
Cutting edge
I’m eatin’
Over here:
Put America in broad bed sheets;
She’s not the bed.

I’m the bed.
No you’re not
You wanna put on your husband?
How to do that to no one:
Half killed yah,
My country’s spirit with it’s all downhill from there
When you make an orthodox religion
The country’s vision.

You guys spam for your lives,
This video’s got so many songs.
Are you honors
Surrogate justice?
This will be light.
This will be light.

Detail from Our Revolution is on the Boot of our Government by Azza Abo Rabieh

Detail from Our Revolution is on the Boot of our Government by Azza Abo Rabieh

Oh Hello Fellas
Obviously Didn’t Mean Let the Dictator Rule the World
(There, There Syrian Group
Black People Also Lend a Hand to This Story)

Where are we?
Beautiful kidnapping.
I’m gonna take down tonight;
I’m gonna take over,
And all of a sudden most of the world,
They agree:
Here period.

See the big hustle:
Did you know that cold work had boots?
I don’t think so.
The most of the world’s people
Would have left him alone,
But then you stand up and shake your fists.

Power everything
Up for grabs.
Look out.
Okay give Rebecca meaning.
He understands
Believe it or not.
He’s not completely unsympathetic.
Gimmie a break.

Crack it open,
A government you think more responsive to your needs.
Oh they took over,
Pigs in the farmhouse.
Bleedin’s their act.
Oh we were.
You’re not in North Korea.
All that control –
A government looking at its people.
On the door
Of see us now
Ignorant species.

The vehicle
Is craft
To tighten down,
Put a nose on him,
Your ruler,
Not the bomb
Your weapon
Is death.
How is that?
I can gain control.
I noticed that,
That being a problem.

Now Assad,
You picked a hell of
Way to say
No right.
Are you just deaf to humanity?
All it appear
You’re a dictator.
Have some intelligence:
No secret police,
No death penalty;
A bill of rights
Do that.

You look
In there.
They can vote about it,
Vote me out.
Vote be a friend
They gonna vote,
What you do about it.

To change,
I hear,
Takes a lot of self-discipline:
You give other people
A lot of self-worth.
Good idea
Mr. Ho Chi Ming,
Mr. Sad Canadian.
He knows what he’s talking about.
Give him a father,
Give him,
A little boy.

Now what about your socks?
You gotta
Give it to the farmer
Your draft proposal.
They’re still fighting.
Call a truce,
Explain house,
Go ahead.
You know we all are
Wantin’ you to do the right thing.
That’s how it should be,
Not by force.

One thing:
Come out with your little
Piece of rope
Everyone must hold onto you.
Come on any boy get into law school.
What you’re searching for
Is not power it’s yours,
King in there
Over yourself.
And that only
Give you the grace to govern others,
And that only.

Palestinians for Palestinians,
Where is it broken?
It’s broken on my face.
See something else:
A broken something beautiful is happening –
Union, gentlemen.
I’m passin’ in Florida.
Why Florida,
It’s free
The wind is blowing there?
They let rich yankees live there,
Don’t get upset about it.
They can see each other,
A bit difficult,
A bit different,
All Americans.

If war with friends is a local phenomenon
–Yes –
You’ll need to stop that mule.
Can I even give you a ride?
Swimmin’ in the ocean,
A long division.
Did you hear that the alarm?
I know what I have to do
I just haven’t read it yet.

Israelis serve Jews.
We’ve indentified the problem.
You open
Come on
(lemmie me o-u-t!
She’s young,
A free human being
Towards distant
Long gatherings:
He’s not one of our people,
So what?
I can be here;
I’m a human being.
It’s happenin’.
Jews regard it?
Persecution management
Ladies and gentlemen.
It’s time Linda.

The Israelis have a hear-age best American camera.
Fix it.
What do you see?
Here they come:
Salam alikom.
Touch all necessary
Their central man in a shoe,
Dr. Somebody.
No I haven’t eased my poem out of the rug.
What people need to know about me:
Okay union.

Not a Muslim grabs their leader and…
He put it in his pocket.
All poder mentiroso all mentir matrimonio
Go out of the mission.
Yes daddy.
How much longer
Do you understand?:
I’m all yours.

The you,
The union,
Define that.
Let me give you some advice:
It would be schoolyard,
Spread it out,
It would be schoolyard.
Where we going with this?
Air company,
The airport
We belong.
There honorably
With no kind of monster.

It’s locked.
But how about you I trust?
Well that’s a good question:
Who can you trust?
Right on the phone
With the vehicle
Asian Pete gave us.
Human union
Open this gate.
Really folks,
Norman what did I say?
My audacity is to always give it to you in my freedom.
That freedom with God.
I follow.
I’m glad I got permission,
I’m glad I got permission.

Nobody can come on that guy,
Nobody can change that guy.
I love you
Uniform we put on.
Now God
We go slave
What can I do for you?
Now there’s permission.

Somethin’ else:
The union with God.
Are you drivin’?
It doesn’t have to be how anybody else does it
You let God do the driving.
Now marry romance;
Pick you own self
God open,
Meaning with God.
No one’s happy when they’re not.
The usual:
Even in extreme cases like me.

Are we late
For the weddin’?
Lemmie put it this way:
We made it
Right on time.
That it?
The problem:
This society is like this,
And this society is like that.
Hey where is your head cut off?
What are you steppin’ for like that?
We’re connected.
What are you gonna give the kids?
Pick up the bridge.

Give it 2-island:
Oh hello blue color;
We’re foundin’ it off on you
The sun overhead.
You can say partially vote your honor.
That’s them Donny.
Well comin’ upon me bridge here.
I stand down
Someplace on the open side of the school.


Jincheng Airport by Liu Xiaodong httpwww.xiaodongstudio.com

Jincheng Airport by Liu Xiaodong www.xiaodongstudio.com

Under the Horse’s Rainbow
This Way
(A Role in China, Hum)

China stakes
That a million people in China
Have reported missing.
He’s got a gun!
Remove it.
Can’t take it
Any later down there.
That’s how you do it.

Okay gimmie that.
It’s probably a joke.
Tryin’ to remove it;
I can’t get it off.
This is Supermind.
That’s not possible.

Different age groups
Chasin’ the movie:
Fine food
In wisdom draughts/droughts;
Stay out of fresh diapers;
No Buddhist monk or anything,
The book offers
The greatest monk of all –

Cook the ability to win
You can cook.
Cook alone:
You don’t need it.
Straighten you guys out.

Where we at?
Turner Crook Casino
Oh no.
Left Wing Cardiac
Stay that
This way:
All this dissidence
You’re the winner.

I’m a transformer,
Public transport.
A measure divine
Just a little bit
Through the open
Forbidden City,
Seers’ residence.
You know that’s where you came from.
Heyiya, heyiya,
Heyiya your dreams.


Portrait of George Washington Taking the Salute at Trenton by John Faed

Portrait of George Washington Taking the Salute at Trenton by John Faed

What About the Human up in Season?
(Put First Cameraman Ferguson)

Racism exists.
It is a problem like never before.
“Never happen here.”
The vest worn
“Have you any questions?”

You’re readin’ the news –
Treat it like
You go all the way
Making it stop.
You just pay the dues.

“Am I not good enough?”
“Is he gay?”
Race energy.
My name is Beethoven.”
“Is he actually here?”
You dunno.

We’ve got a lot of racists in this country.
We’ve got a lot of racists to bush.
You’re in power,
And that’s in shopping.
Wear wits:
To put the battle in the gun.

“And rape town?”
Don’t translate this in your head.
There’s too many trip wires there
And was Soylent Green
Just a plugin till tomorrow.
Is there an industrial heart boulevard?

Machine gun
That heart and this heart.
I order pancakes.
(The wizard ray
Will find me like this
Hoverin’ around her craft
Awhile a ways from her truth.)
“I didn’t murder the bread.”
(Too strong is it?)
Finger lickin’ good I’ll find my cow
And eat its flesh.
“What would that start a fight with?”
My neighbors.
It’s not a chicken anymore.
“That’s why I don’t talk to you.”
Who knew
A rabbit had a reason to live?
Gobble that down
The masses in the streets.
Both English.
“You were saying about murder?”

“You’re beautiful,
The physics
A seed knowledge
Along the ether.
Who’s the ownership?”
A how do you bend a nation.
I won’t allow it the same cheap-type spirituality
I’m spyin’.
“I get listening to.”
The choices:
Don’t say don’t sin Sabotage,
In Beholder Magazine [but please].
Open your mouth you get in trouble.

World stakes here,
World’s ruin.
Now you run where the eggs are.
Look to Dr. Stone:
The secret of bathing you baby bathing yourself.
Draw something
I wanna come back
After my mistake.
Crush it stone,
And they do.
It may be that their deep meaning significance
Has more than an evil to handle.
Go for enhance image.

Aware of the waterfront of ideas
He went deep within
And reached his quest.
“Good to see.”
“That’s just stupid.”
Separate person.
The whole
Welcome back…
“What do you want?”

“Oh what are you doing armchair mercenary?”
There was a murder.
What we inspect it.
You’re shooting a deer to eat.
Don’t dare
Put there
The only story on guns.
Don’t shoot,
I’m covering man.
This is the bum policeman who burn after the tag report.
The irony of their unique position.
I wanna show you something:
Lion in humor

Come ‘ere,
Lay back,
Lay down –
I’m sorry,
This whole thing
Have to do with it:
We murder people.

“What’s that nigger
Doin’ on his cigarette?”
There are white fields and there are wrong fields.
Power trip
A policeman has this habit of doing.
It’s exhausting.
It’s got fire
At the dark,
At the dark skin.
Leave it,
That’s just what we throw at the press.
You need to move.

Watch the movie:
“Man that movie was bad.”
They don’t
Have so many guns there.
“I never even saw a gun.”
Put a stop the morning,
And you’re at that go.
Offered lots of our goad.”

If she is where she is sleeping.
Vision of her.
“Quiet hair.”
You can spend the night here.
I was in a heavy forest moon.
Freed the hostages
I’m sorry,
And then it’s going to school.
How deep was it?
This goes all the way.
He will broke a beautiful chain.

“Come Moon Dipper,
Give me this
You’re usin’.”
“Well that ain’t nothin’.
Maybe this hearing,
Wew, that your dance.
I don’t believe it,
Any infinity truth.
Large voice not there.”
But Mr. Atheist,
He came and made himself known to me.
He’s real.

Cross miles
Too late, too early.
Have to guarantee you personally accepts you.
I’ll quote a quote from the people
Who were at the athlete’s meet:
He’s large and small,
Fits into your notebook,
Into all infinity,
Bigger even.
Now he’s in my living room.
That’s a still, tall, voice.
“I gotta root out this superstition.
Push don’t watch the stars please.”
Ah, but this is, uh,
You cannot afford
To miss it.

“Hey Harper,
God, get out of his bed will you?
Get out of the street corner.”
“Whadda we do?”
If you have any smokes don’t put them away.
“I just figured out
You’re racist.”
Is there anyone thick afterwards thin?
It’s in the understanding.
We’re at the root of the problem:
Somethin’s takin’ over the beast.

I’m sure I led you this way –
A seldom God.
On the very ring that God choose.
God train all 64 now.
Fit is the eternal splendor.
“Am I to understand what’s going on?”
It is seldom kingdom.
I’m in the lover forever,
Am the householder is He,
Am not just a caged animal,
And so we’re on course.
He tenured already across the straights.
Travel lightly some.
I ain’t kidding in my room.

Now Ferguson,
You can’t condemn one man
For violating the Law.
You don’t know how barbaric
Has been this flagpole.
Stop and look around:
You’re so wise and rule?
Let this man think.
It’s blood on his hands today.

I stop the accuser.
I would get on it
Something higher than hate,
Something open to God.
Is that a church you understand?
Sitting here integrated.
That’s a blessing for us all.

World will shun TV
When the future has its date.
“That’s a good blanket.”
I can’t reset.
I can only give what vision I’ve had.
That’s the dawn of today.
“What time is it now?”
Lonely place
My poor man’s a century’s worth.
What some slack what we most lack.
Who do I charge resistance to?
“No one’s to see.”
This is how sleep is the movie ghost from the hour.
Want to speak with them.
Wouldn’t allow me to.
“You mean this open book gets closed?”
Put ‘er in red.
The British are coming.

Doin’ time I know
This dawn will have its day.
Earth cannot ignore
Proposed actions,
Proposed signals.
Earth cannot ignore,
But you can read it to the room.
But you can take song and beat it into the works.
“What does I’d advertise?”
Second or two,
Bigger visions.
Now see it in your head.

And the Character is the Happy Ruin
(You’re Politically Correct Putin,
But That Never Stopped You)


 “That girl has the hots for you.”


“And I saw a restaurant across the street.

I want a star.”

Don’t waste your time on gasoline.

“Man you hurt us.”


All the softball goes to you.


That’s digital.

You heard me,

The bravest example.

88 countries,

They’re nervous.

This is about war.


Hey who’s tryin’ to be a good guy?


Former Glory,

Former Kingpin,



“I am a good guy.

I am a kingpin.”

The octopus.


You walk and say,

“What’s in here?”

You’ll make individual ex-exclusive.

“How did that creep in?”

A choice worth:

“I am music.”

Go to that


And you’ll shout at him.

“Be quiet.”

This is no district attorney,

And he’ll block any human unity.

It’s a

Combination of

Drugs in field.

You’re not gonna have a whole lot of

Murder –

He the related vision.

Where are you gonna walk home?

Are you gonna walk home?

Struck it by.


“That rules

By the international government?”

Here power look at Germany,

What makes it

The real world.

What makes it

Best among refrigerator companies.

“That suits me,”

Point of view

Night time –

A dictator.

And then it goes down.

Hear Russia.

Wait, wait, wait:

After the liftoff

Of one person.

“Can I cancel it?”

You’re there

Get this on the ballot.

The heat that’s mud on you.

“Steve once did I need a tenured professor to take it through?

I take it through.”

You are a kingpin.

“So I’ll play with you:


Who’s blew?

I’m sorry,

I can’t imagine…”

Don’t give up.

What form that’ll take:

From not bad man.



Some food Monica:

The end of the world

Figure there’s an excuse today.

“So what remain freedom?”

You won’t go give them the humanitarian aid I brought

If I understand that we are a religious entity,

If I understand that we are a spiritual purpose,

If I understand that we are a whole body.

I’m sorry

I mustn’t do that,

Try to tell you how to live your life

And stuff like that.

“Good Goad,

What’s the story room?”

We have got to be more careful

Who we choose as leaders.

Holdin’ hands

With Turkey and his power,


“Somebody stop this man please.”

“Is there anyone

Good ruler-wise?”

I knew it’d have to be some turns

In that room


In humanity.


“Here we go.

We’d have to be negotiating.”

Just blame me.

Some psychic turn.


You’re in Pondy

I take it?”

Yeah you would.

You’re all deny going to die.

How do you do it,

What the soul inside?


It’s clearly heavy.

Come to soul rule.

That’s an inside job.

That’s human.

I’m not starting off star wars.

I can give you a roof:

Your soul

Will choose

It’s divine

In the 1st place.

I just tellin’ you.


Not what you’re used to.

I go in mind

Division rules.

Starting to turn Mexico

While I was there,

So lock the door.

What is he eating?”


You try to be in a place

You don’t want a thousand rupees,

You don’t want anything.

See a cow.

See the moon.

They tell you

Strange quiverings of a world delight:

In a corner of God’s house

We have names for God.

Religious in its outer reflection,

Spiritual in its inner search.

It’s okay you eat the banquet.

Kids love it.

If fallen in love,

You just love God.


Are tryin’ to help you.

Don’t go mental.

Behind the heart,

Hid inside,

You have your soul.

Do you need it,

How about that?


“The freedom before the fire,


That was very nice,

Try to make the Statue of Liberty

The Planet of the Apes.

That’s some shocking report

We speak to in the news.


The mind will everything.

Give this softball

Carry on


Don’t see the heart

As the doorway

To the love of God,

To soul.

Even I get help with


Putin dedicates

To nail.


The smart hand,

The smart pack:

“I wanted to work with you.”

Really heavy and,

Well hair has messed up you terrible, huh?

Open in religious funds

That any paperboy

Can talk to you honestly

And deliver half of it.

Try this crack:

You round up its act –

The soul it’s its business to hack.

There I’ve spoken in tongues.


This has run aground

(Because it’s magical),

For some reason,

And I haven’t completely studied it because I.

Well get the milk and put all down on My paper loaded.

“Oh, got your garden from there.”

Who wouldn’t be up there long I just looked.

Who cares to be 1st?


Oh this is something I put on it.

In God’s name Putin,

That blew up.

He’s around

Tryin’ to get a hold of it.

He can’t have contrary opinion.


“Look at this guy.

What we have here is a moral degenerate talking about


It’s inevitable –

Crazy net work.”

Oh that tickled.

You feed my accused.

Now how are you?

Wind up

An abandoned

Launch field.



How would you like to own it properly?

You, could just stay here and think

“If I hid this way,

Is that the ideal?”

Awarded some paper:

Go get cleaned up.


You gonna give that any money?

“Do it for my desires.

Do it for my rights.”

Your people talking.


“I don’t get over

The acceptable limit.”


That’s the story Joe.

That’s it in reality.

Well it is but

He can be hovered

By your goodwill for change

And something else:

Lack of hatred.


You know it:




That control.

Sit on it further.

You have plenty of time,



Certain people

Get orders.

A little side post

I suppose

From all stomachs.

Do I have to pay him in The Atomic Review?


“You’re giving me a hard time.”

In God’s name

Try to change.

It’s not ornamented

With hate.

The security problem is.



Do not throw missiles

For your stomach.

Atlantic be a captain

Give your pole a watch.

Alright now,

Will we?




Goodwill towards change.


Split Man, Split Man
(Islamic State
Fire in the Hole!)

Earth is not easy.

You put it there

My shaving cream.

“No one has ever punished me.

The robotic legs of Shakespeare,

I send a bull down there in that camera

You have studied.

We’re catching ground.

I wanna stay in a little house

In front of the heart stop.

This will be 700 dollars.

Don’t let them live

[I wanna birth in 1992]

Those who eviled.”

I didn’t reply.

“That’s a good stopping point India.”


You might not be blessed or able to help,

But I would be.

The Islamic State

A new faction of hate in the world.

Over 6 months,

Those two they apps

His head off

In history.

You just bullshitting.

You have a drink

Of this man’s blood

After each meal.


Wahhabi what are you doing?

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Incredibly painful

What would pass between us is not honor.

(I’m Boko Haram).”

The Middle Ages

You broadband into our living rooms.

“Would something float in your house doc?”


I’m supposed to get you to work.


It’s not fair

Human beings

That you let go.

You make more other people

(What are you doing?)


“On this day

Lost our homes.”

“Now go!”


Capitalism of the earth

Unfriendly arm,

What we have here is unfriendly arm.

24 rupees,


Who was so bads together?

That’s why he stole from

The world:

Thousands are people,

Are people

Who are moving.


Come on Islamic State,

Show mercy in exile.

“Yes I was shocked.”

Can you name this poem?

The Holy Koran.


If you can’t honor your actions honor the Koran.

I’ll fire something very good.

We pull on it


That is something

I can’t discuss openly.

All the question

Never finish.


I know some of you

Thinks it human.

Where are you going?

Let’s compare this to God.

Are you a detective?

On your next plane

See the spaces for tomorrow.

Destroying human populations,

Taking over families,

What good God here?


You’re led by an idea:

God hunter.

Is that the caliphate?


You raise you something,

A white horse

To get you things,

But you’re still in high school.

Is God real?


God’s idea,

How do you get it open?

Open a book and you’ve opened a book,

God’s words written down are God’s words written down.

God has left a trace.

Is that his face?


The most important thing

Jurisdiction –

Any number,

But to get God off of paper and into your life

You have to meet ‘im.


Who I think it is,

Can I take a message?”

Actually you’d meet him before that.

“You just meet daddy.”

Before that.

“What is the battle plan?”

You’d think you’re doing that.

Lemmie take your leg

You’d be broken.

Every little corner,

You know what I mean:

God is the distance.

But where do we go

You want to find him?



There are dreams in there,

Soul spaces,

A silent mind,

Trappings in the heart.

A mountain vista on breathless wings

The infinities inside.

Fight this mountain?

I’m banks of sleep.

What are you doing to find God hunting

Something even you can’t see,

The light of your neighbor?


Now look,

Where is ample room

To find God?

In the future?

In a heavy gun?

In a slogan of idealism?



The most gradedful tactic

That change.

You know who you’re talking about.

“I know everything.”

We need now

Some paper.

Beat up on it.

On the soul,

And I’d just soliloquy you further

Into legalistic study.

It’s the soul we need to find.


Life –

God doesn’t appear in your room.


Windin’ up order

A couple of minutes.

Shoodles of all calligraphy


And the soul remains unfound,

God too big to touch.

“I’m stranded here.”

Jump out of world.

Heavy deep within

Find your soul.

God in your room the soul found.


“What the character?”

An army –

“I don’t see God.

I see so much God

I see his continence on every face.

Who cares

What they believe?

Work on it.”


A band and binocular,

Please don’t whine.

Make an agreement:

Wield this

Teacher’s gravity.

You should


Readin’ it came to me.

“We’re close to the body of God.”

No, open one up,

The laws of you too


The way we’re facin’,

Make with reason

House for next year

Future’s vision.


That is you people

Who are so small

In God’s gun.

I don’t think that knowledge

Would give you access to the world.

First quiverings of a world delight

Show you cast off vision

(Daddy she bite me daddy)

God is not a helpless volunteer standby

With your to see.


You don’t know how

Patient I’m being.

Wake up honey.


I just have to real

Put a few clothes in.”

That has two change.


Now, Boston net:

“Large gaps around my soul’s steps.

Boy, we think we can handle it.”

But I don’t think you have this

Open ended run.

Walled in God,

Walled apart,

Get off the ground?


Oooh, I’m not playin’.

“Uncle is there?”

Arab to Arab,

This child to Arab.


I’ve got these poems:

Look behavior.

What about it?

Bring you too,

Bring anything.

That’s important:


No I’m just kidding,


To pour coffee.

I hit over there:

Run from God.


Who would publish?

I’ll put together


All divine grapes in the 1st place.

Tell us what you think,

That religious sister.

I love Manhattan

Could be.


I’m just tryin’ to move the earth

So I may sit.

I’m admonished by God

To sit down.

al Qaeda,

is this text theirs?


Including the beast,

All listening.


By Rogelio Bernal Andreo [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

By Rogelio Bernal Andreo [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

What You Can Do


The earth its glory,
I just put on the program.
We’ll try to reveal secrets
Socio-political engineer
Get online.
“Show me the money.”
Loose ends over here,
Getting opened.
Look at that.
A ton of see
And there I am picking my nose.
Do you know how long this take to caliphate?
Some 20 odd years.
That’s not the end of the program –
Nailed it
All this soul on God.
Makes it individual.
Putin can’t resist his race.
“I can see the possibility of change wearing a suit.”
Putin can’t resist his change.
Mine comes before the lawnmower.
That’s a safe program
Inside the barcode.
“And he’ll kill you
Before you get it put on your shoulders.”
Grab that gun
Mother Teresa.
It’s not going to harm anyone.
It’s decorated
With all this voice,
With all this holy see.
Think it’s incredible,
Or become a person,
Good person.

A windowless streak
Hear our pain.
You watch it you listen
To front street.
I don’t know how long ago the slogan.
Waiting on the slogan
I’m peaches and cream.
That’s just all wrapped around my shorts.
This is not a confession knocking on wood –
Knocking on the door
Of a new reality in morality:
Some homework
In everything you do wrong.
Those are our ideas meet infinity,
Not gathered by the moments.
A bit complicated,
Since you’re not here to do wrong.
Introducing soul clean,
The divine guide.
“What are you talking about?”
It could be a racehorse,
There’s Friday tomorrow.
Now open the inner consciousness.
Visions and things
You count their ship.
Mysticism you’ve been labeled before.
No matter what you call it
It’s down deep.
You don’t slow program
Alone inside yourself
You’ve got to reach deep.
Any number of humiliations,
Troll regards,
And sometimes mountain see.
“What are you doing in your room?”

Earth maneuver
Settle down a racehorse.
Fold half your life
In dream.
Phase 1.
That means airhead
Some continually changing variables
Giving half to one
Half to the other,
Outer life and dream.
Dreamtime a notebook.
The next phase around the clock
An inner outer.
There is your inside
In everything you do throughout the day.
Don’t chop down trees yet
Vision records.
Either before or after mailroom
Bring your conscious down into the well of soul.
A tricky journey for some –
So many adherents.
Can I give you instructions to soul?
What we caress:
This is larger than dream.
It’s not a vision you have in the night.
There’s formlessness involved.
It goes like this:
Change your room
Not a different reality
Another see.
Spirit has no matter aboard.
Splash in here,
Forms take on new meaning:
Reflections of this.
Ecstasy awhile,
What you swim in.
Not a new place,
This is a good night’s sleep.
Your whole development,
Your whole deployment
On that arc of sleep.
You will never
Remember even a calling card.
This you have to take down yourself.

Legalistic study
You wouldn’t get caught with your pants down here.
Inner exploration’s not in a rulebook.
“Okay what calls the shots?”
There’s an inner notion
Of divinity.
How do you pass this test?
You go nature on clean,
Divinity’s rifle,
Their loving hand.
Clean not for a pose in morality
But to get you clean.
My stars,
What is it thou hast in thy heart for me?
Now clean now come take a look.
It’s a litmus test
Not a morality rite.
Muddy water cannot show you the moon on a pale enchanted eve,
No sparkles of the sun giving rise to vision’s old tired eyes.
Come vision, come closer.

Beyond vision’s arc,
Outstretched to divinity
But farther than their field,
Is the earth child’s labors towards.
New upon the horizon
As old as time forgot,
Jutting out from timelessness,
Is something larger than Time.
“Why you want me to put you on?”
Why it internationally spoke:
It’s time to get my medicines.
Bring on board the human thing,
What it knows about itself.
“What are you doing?”
Standing here interviewed,
Saved with imagination.
He not gonna tell you
How big over your head this is.
When he returned to one-vision-at-a-time-mind,
Having sat seconds in the sun,
There was nothing to describe it with.
You see all at the same time.
Good news:
This elevator
Reaches down into soul ground
You’re going under
To rise up and go over,
The inevitable.
With me it was how many days.
This is the secret all
The earth reveals.

Speaking high and divine
The roses call.
A lot more
Shape than substance
In our little ears.
The high voices call
The roads to divinity.
Ever we languish for support,
Ever we stand and deny.
The flesh calls our name,
And we soon tire.
This is the rose at dawn,
This is the fire at night.
A long yearning brings them close.
The soul in its high laugh
Tunes itself to their voice,
Its note on individuality,
Its eternity rushing through Time.
We know this sweetness.
This whole country
Do everything
Your throat
Purged with fire from the Gods.
Thus the soul is absolute.
It stands above us in Time
Arranged behind the heart,
A fiery station
The Lord and the householder meet –
That is the edge of our pain here,
The Absolute of which we speak.
Bathe and become one
Is the anthem of the stars.
Beyond those halls of heaven
Is the splendor no tongue can reveal,
The journey towards our spirit’s absolute.
Exquisite is the fault in our stars,
A grand mystery’s sway,
Tendering our head home,
Tethering us
To light.*

Kurt Loom
CBS morning news,
And you came to believe it.
This is not a castle of dread.
Everything reminds you of God.
It’s not a habit anymore.
Can we show you reality’s face?
The strings of the night are broken.
The day brings you its golden rope.
That Something has occupied the hours.
The world you occupy is God alone.
Events ride the figures of his touch.
Memory’s longings are his hue recorded.
Even thought’s speech bears some resemblance to him,
And the heart is occupied.
The body’s wings
Vibrate their temple.
A glow along the body is found.
This is memory’s music;
You’ve been here before.
What hast thou of Time and all the rest?
The greatest has yet to come.
What hast thou of sin?
Come ‘ere,
It’s Me.
Witness software
Leave it alone.
I’ve walked this one home.

Now I’m in ego
A splendor I’m feelin’.
What was I gonna do?
I’m sellin’ off
Leaving name,
Shouldering ego off the map.
“No one’s gonna know what you look like.”
I’ll speak a way.
“I just can’t take what you said about my first love.”
It’s the soul that recognizes children,
Why we have a house,
The artist in our room,
A handy lover of anybody,
Greater than the hours.
“What was that all about?”
Delivering God’s chance
Your time the soul.
“How do you bend all this back together?”
Study the inner side of relations
Say again
They’re God.
That take home plate?
Now, almost rung the doorbell.
Gotta go.
To get a hold of someone
To say I’m sorry
For the pain I caused.
I feel it.
That’s the bottom line.

  •       *(This verse came sitting at the Samadhi of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, during a rainstorm)


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