Published Works

Cerca 2010

Cerca 2010

“A Day in the LIfe Of” A poem

The Avent
A Quarterly Devoted to the Exposition of Sri Aurobindo’s Vision of the Future
Vol.63 No.3 (print)


“Enlightenment’s Swing Door” A poem

Presence 18.3 (print) Spiritual Directors International


“Ancient and Probably Handling” A poem

Numinous: Spiritual Poetry Issue 5


“Gentlemen Please, Her Face” A poem

The Network of Spiritual Progressives


“Come Here” A poem

counterpunch newsletter


“Winged Information
A Peer into the Mountaintop” An essay

Elephant Journal


“The Sponsored Man
What’s Bigger than the Universe; Hang on, What’s Bigger than Everything?” An essay

Shift Collective


Help You From the Rearview Mirror” An essay

The Awakened State


Grab a Roadful of Demon“, part 1
Grab a Roadful of Demon“, part2  Memoir

The Dihedral


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